Sunday, 17 January 2010

Capsule Wardrobe #1

I am on a mission to create the most perfect (and therefore highly impractical) capsule wardrobe. From vague memories of Gok Wan's 'How To Look Good Naked' I think there are 24 key items, including accessories? I'm not including accessories because that's daft, you can't limit a girl to two pairs of shoes, one bag and one 'statement necklace'! Or rather you can't limit this girl. Plus I think I may then have to include my glasses as they are not just a necessity, they are currently the ultimate in fashion sensibility. Today, I was in Carluccio's in Covent Garden and the rather charming shop assistant gave me a free chocolate because he loved my glasses so much and thought I was generally very stylish. Probably the best compliment I have been paid in a while! So basically the glasses stay, capsule or not. Plus I have several rather loved pairs of shoes and the thought of having to dispense with some of them makes me feel a bit sicky.

Anyway, so far the wardrobe consists of:
- one navy jersey blazer
- one black denim skirt
- one black bodycon skirt
- one blue bodycon skirt
- one pair of skinny black jeans
- two navy and white dresses
- one floral dress
- one denim dress
- two black and white striped tops
- one satin navy and white polka dot top
- one oversized white vest, with a red and blue Eiffel Tower design
- one pale pink blouse
- one black vest top
- one red cardigan
- one oversized navy cardigan
- two pairs of black leggings
- one beige trench coat
- one red wool coat
- one faux-fur leopard print coat
- one tan bag
- one dark brown faux crocodile skin bag

Possible shoe options for the above are:
- tan brogues
- black satin winklepickers
- black leather Victorian ankle boots
- black ballet pumps
- blue suede two-inch heels

For anyone who isn't remotely interested in a) fashion or b) what I like to wear this is probably incredibly boring. But be prepared to be even more bored! Because when I get my new camera working there will be accompanying photos too; 'Wardrobe Capsule #2'...coming soon.

Today I had a lovely day with my mum. We walked along the South Bank and then did some shopping around Covent Garden. We stopped for lunch at Gabby's, which is one of those brilliant eateries that words can't quite describe. I've been eating there for years now and I still adore it, despite no change in the menu...well, ever. It looks like some kind of scummy cheap restaurant inside, it's all grey and formica. But the food is delish and relatively cheap too. And you can tell it's loved; nestled in London's West End it is surrounded by theatres and promotional posters for loads of plays adorn the walls, all signed by the casts who can't heap enough praise on the place. It really is a treat. In other food news, we then went to PAUL for afternoon tea, which never fails to impress. Mum had the lightest, creamiest cheesecake I think I have ever tasted and I went with a classic Raspberry tartlet that was the perfect mix of sweet and tangy. All in all, a successful day for clothing and food!

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