Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Twitter treasure trove

I usually think it's semi-lame to follow celebrities on Twitter and I have avoided many of the obvious choices. However, when I first started watching 'Glee' and my obsession was in it's deepest and darkest phase (yes, I would have killed a puppy for one musical number from the show) I found myself adding anything and anyone to do with it. Now that I am in recovery and only listen to 'Don't stop beliving' once a day it's probably time to unfollow those embarrassments. Except, somehow, one of them has proved worth keeping. Dianna Agron, who is unbelievably beautiful, also blogs and it is through a combination of her tweets and posts that I came across this jolly marvellous song! And now I find myself actually pleased that I went all uber-gleek. Because I really like it.

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