Saturday, 16 January 2010


So, I have actually possessed this little corner of cyberspace for quite some time now. I had previously made a few postings but they were during a 'bad time' and ended up being self-indulgent, overblown, terribly melodramatic lambasts. And nobody wants to read away they go and here this comes. I am not entirely sure which direction I am taking this blog, but it's nice to have somewhere to record my more interesting thoughts. Also, despite the monetary trouble I am in, I decided to buy myself another digital camera today (the previous two bit the dust, sadly). I'd like to get into photography a little more, I used to really enjoy it. Plus it's always lovely to keep a record of the mundanity of my life. Oh! And of course then there's the small matter of all the utterly bizarre signs that I have found so far in Newcastle. When I get back up there I'll be dedicating an entire post to them.

Currently watching 'The Parent Trap', 1998 version aka LINDSAY LOHAN. She's such a cutie. I have quite a soft spot for her, still. Although I had to stop following her on Twitter because she really does come out with so much drivel and it's all misspelt with poor grammar...etc. I can be such a pedant. As a child, any time I made an error in speech my mother would shout the correct word/sentence at me. It was one of the many things I despised about her and yet I find myself constantly biting my tongue around others when they make mistakes. I want to yell at them for being wrong! How awful. I become more and more like her all the time, which certainly is cause for concern. It's been known to keep me up at night.

Been feeling quite emotional today. There are many reasons for this: tiredness, excessive alcohol consumption, guilt... but primarily it's the realisation that I am soon to be alienated from all the people that I rely on most. Heading back to Newcastle means leaving the incredible and totally awesome Picturehouse crew, which is always heartbreaking. And now Newcastle is bereft of my top three girlies; Faye is moving out, Ria is doing a semester abroad and Amy is on placement. Rubbish! I am probably working it up in my head to be a bigger issue than it is, but just for once I would love it if life was complication and misery free. Just once! 2009 was a terrible year and I have worked hard to get back on my feet and the varying and questionable success with which that has been done has been heavily reliant on other people. I'm just hoping I am strong enough now to continue to make it alone. I sound like I have no other friends, ha. I have the most amazing friends, especially in Newcastle. I cannot wait to be reunited with them. But the friends that you have the most fun with aren't always the people you turn to for help. Different friends for different things, eh?

Anyway. I'm going to stop now.

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