Saturday, 16 January 2010

Julie, Julia & Me.

So, as I was brushing my teeth I began to think about a) how lame my blog is probably going to end up being, despite the grand dreams I have for it and b) blogging in general. My chain of thought sort of amassed into this: things I could blog about -> I work in a cinema and watch a lot of films -> I could blog about films -> 'Julie & Julia' is a film AND it's about blogging! I subsequently realised that the success of the eponymous Julie's blog centred around her premise; she had a challenge to complete and the trials of this completion were blog-worthy. She was inspiring and amusing and likeable.

I have no such challenge. And I am probably none of those things. Actually, a small majority would hold that I am inspiring/admirable but that's because they know the truth of the last few months and exactly what I've had to deal with. I suppose I could utilise my own horrors to try and help others in a similar situation, that would be a worthwhile thing to do. I read a magazine article the other day encouraging women in a certain situation to do a certain thing (excuse the vagueness) and it was full of quotes from celebrities and I felt patronised. What do they know? Unless they've been in the same situation what right do they have to tell other women to behave in a certain way? I guess that's the problem with the 'cult of celebrity', it knows no bounds and people will always exploit it, no matter the situation (the Redknapps on holiday anyone? Vile). Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yes, I COULD try and do something positive and beneficial to womankind but the truth I can't be arsed. So instead this blog will remain a tribute to the fanciful flights of my tiny mind and occasionally camera...unless someone sets me a challenge/I have some kind of revelation. Both are unlikely.

Good night. x

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